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Cats Windmill Man T-shirt natural white

Image of Cats Windmill Man T-shirt natural white


This is the off-white version of the Windmill man t-shirt. The Windmill man himself appears in dark blue ink.

The Spanish text reads, in English: ”We come from a place in Finland, the name of which I have no desire to call to mind”. It's a paraphrase on the opening lines of Don Quixote. It was conjured up to impress our Spanish friends. The windmill is a man, a Windmill man. Every time I see it (him) I imagine Donovan in 1967 singing a song about him: ”Oh Windmill man, I was only trying to help you” or something similar. Well, he could've, but he didn't.

The design and the typeface are made by Karolina Eriksson.

It's available in three sizes: S, M and L. Think American. The small is not tiny.

To buy one, you don't need a Paypal account, even if it goes through their servers. You'll need a credit card, though, or a Paypal account.

The price include Finnish sales tax.

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